Inserto 6Levita Duetto pads are disposable and designed to offer maximum comfort, high performance and to reduce skin rushes. This is possible due to two natural raw materials selected through a long and demanding process.

Pad replacement is a very simple operation. Just remove used pad and place the new one into suitable housing. Insert consists of two main components: the "filter" and the "core". The filter is in contact with the baby's skin and is made of pure organic cotton whitened without using bleach. The core is made mostly of pure carded cotton whitened without using bleach.

The back of the pad, which is in contact with the pants, consists of a Mater-Bi film. This is the same material which are made of “wet” waste bags that "disintegrate" very rapidly on contact with water or biological agents. The film ensures product seal and limits the dirty underwear reducing the number of washing required.

Inside of the insert there are some super-absorbing granules necessary to ensure product high performances. These super-absorbing granules are well confined and not in contact with the baby’s skin that remains, therefore, protected from the risk of irritation. Super-absorbing granules are widely used in agriculture to absorb moisture and then release it steadily over time. Therefore, the presence of these granules is well accepted by the environment, especially if they are the type used in Levita Duetto products.

The pad-housing panty is made ​​of fabrics like a real pants: elastic tissues on legs and waist and breathable tissues to cover down buttocks and tummy. With this panty baby’s is not in question.


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