con levita duetto verde


Fashion changes, it is inevitable. Trendy designs, fabrics, colors change continuously, and pieces of clothing, included underwear, that just last year were “in” are already "out". Some people suffer passively this phenomenon, but almost all more or less try to follow it. For this reason adults change clothes every day and often several times a day according to fashion, mood and commitments of the moment.

So, thinking of our babys, it is natural asking: why diapers have never changed since they were invented? Same design, same shape, same fabrics, same colors...but why do we wear our babies with diapers that are always the same, although we need often to change them? Are we sure that it is fine to babies? Are we sure babies can’t appreciate like adults do fashion style, innovative fabrics, ergonomic design, natural colors, etc...?

The problem is that diapers have always been considered something to hide, and not adaptable to other clothes that our children wear. In fact the diapers are always available in practice in a single type, color and model, and, therefore, except some details, you can’t choose the external aspect.

But today is not so! Levita diaper is a real fashion item of clothing for which are always available new collections with innovative fabrics and updated models in the most beautiful fashion colors. Levita diaper can be worn as shorts which fit any other article of clothing, such as a shirt or a singlet.

In conclusion, mothers, we have no more excuses. This is the year of the orange color, and it appeals not only to us, but to our children too!


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