why sustainable?   

eco-friendlyThe world continues to grow and resources are running out.

What kind of world will you give your baby?

Nowadays the creation of new products is driven almost exclusively by the desire to be in the market, win market “share” and reach consumer’s home. The means to achieve these goals almost always are in contrast with the sustainable use of the products in the long run.

This sustainability is made more critical by the pursuit of continuous cost reduction that is usually achieved by outsourcing production in depressed areas of the world and using raw materials of dubious origin and effectiveness.

Let us make an effort and become conscious consumers. Let us choose products that come into our homes according to the sustainability of the project, the quality of resources and raw materials used.

Only with responsible behavior of conscious consumers, we can transform our daily consumption from “destructive”, meaning that they eat resources of the world that sooner or later will end up, to “transformative” by which we change the form of raw materials in a continuous and virtuous round of use and re-use virtually endless.

    all natural materials   

100 naturalNowadays, in order to keep prices low enough, clothing on the market, including diapers, are made for most of synthetic fabrics. However it is widely known that synthetic materials compared to natural materials are more annoying to wear in contact with skin, and sometimes cause dermatitis or sensitization of the skin. No doubt we adults prefer a t-shirt made ​​with natural fabrics, like cotton or linen, rather than synthetic fabrics. So why do we make our children wear  products with synthetic materials in contact with the skin?

Levita products are made with natural raw materials and traced from the origin. We carefully avoid the use of S.L.S., synthetic fabrics, perfumes and unnecessary packaging. We only use strictly necessary materials that work and whose use is a reward, because in the future we will deliver to our children a more livable world.

    code of ethics   

Codice eticoOur mission is producing items that are good for child, environment and also spirit and ethics. All our products are manufactured in harmony with fundamental principles of man and environment:

  • no use of child labor or exploitation of labor;
  • factory zero impact: all the carbon dioxide produced in the manufacture of our products are covered by trees planted in the Amazon;
  • use only of raw materials coming from certified source and tracked from origin.

The control of the origin of all our raw materials and the transformation processes allow us to ensure complete safety for the child and the environment by using our products.

Choosing Levita® is a promise of better future to our children.


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