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   Plasma treatment   

Levita Duetto shorts adopted plasma treated fabrics, a process:

  • Tessuto trattato al plasmaTessuto prima del trattamento al plasmananotechnology, because it uses the energy of cold plasma;
  • ecological, because it does not require chemicals;
  • permanent because it modifies chemically and physically surface of fabrics.

Fabrics made of synthetic fiber are naturally water repellent, or a little "wettable", and since they do not absorb liquids, dry quickly.

Fabrics made ​​of natural fiber, such as cotton, get wet easily and absorb liquid inside the fiber. However, drying times are long and fabrics remain wet for a long time, leaving an unpleasant sensation on the skin of the person who wears it.

Plasma treatment works on the surface of Premium Duetto shorts fabrics increasing the following characteristics:

  • Ingrandimento al microscopio del tessuto bagnato trattato al plasmaIngrandimento al microscopio del tessuto bagnato prima del trattamento al plasmaability to "wet";
  • quick drying;
  • breathability;
  • durability of performance;
  • respect for the environment.

In practice plasma treatment makes fabrics more hydrophilic modifying some "surface" features. Fabrics enhance the ability to "wet" and "spreading" liquids without absorbing them and facilitating evaporation. In this way fabrics dries faster and give more comfort to the wearer. In fact, liquids are "gathered" naturally from the surface of the fabrics and "transported" out effectively without absorbing into the fibers, allowing the elimination of the unpleasant sensation of wetness on the skin.

Moreover the characteristics of plasma treatment are obtained:

  • without the use of chemicals;
  • without the aid of water or solvents;
  • low energy consumption, having no need for steam or heat for evaporation;
  • zero environmental impact without producing waste, and reducing, compared to the usual processes, the quantities of chemicals needed for subsequent processing.

Plasma treatment is a high-tech environmentally friendly technology.

   Hollow fyber   

ingrandimento al microscopio tessuto a fibra cavaLevita Duetto shorts are made with a new type of tissue whose main value is extraordinary lightness.

A lightness to touch and weigh in numbers: 30% less weight for the same volume. Or, if you prefer, 30% more volume than a common fabric with the same weight. This means a new way of conceiving the diaper.

The secret of this innovative fabric is in the hollow fiber. In fact, this fiber, in addition to the extraordinary lightness, also gives the fabric an exceptional thermal stability compared to hot and cold making it perfect for any situation of use.

Levita Duetto fabrics are beautiful to your eye and your touch and offer a pleasant feeling of lightness and seal together.

The hollow fiber is the future of fabrics for diapers.


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