duetto verde 3 webWith the latest technology and best materials, Levita takes care of child healthiness developing natural products with reduced environmental impact and excellent performance: diapers, wipes, soaps, shampoos, creams, etc..

Levita product range is around DuettoTM, an innovative hybrid diaper that combines ease and wearability of disposable with affordability and sustainability of washable diaper. Duetto is done in two parts: shorts and pad.

In practice, Duetto is a shorts, made of technical fabric with trendy colors and style, designed to house a biodegradable absorbent pad. You change the pad when it is necessary, while the shorts is washed and reused as an article of clothing.

To ensure maximum comfort, the shorts features:

  • elastic tissues on legs and waist;
  • super-breathable fabrics on buttocks and tummy;
  • internal sealing barriers.

Pad is thin, ensure the proper skin "breathing" and has a high absorption capacity, comparable to the best "disposable" in the market, since it is made of premium materials that others diapers can’t "afford":

  • heart and filter of cotton whitened without chlorine bleach;
  • super-absorbent granules of superior quality, confined away from the baby’s skin;
  • waterproof layer ultra-soft and super-breathable.

Also, because you throw away only the pad and not the full diaper, the use of  Duetto:

  • reduces the waste amount, because it produces a smallest waste;
  • increases the waste quality, because it produces a more natural waste, made in cotton reducing to a minimum the pollutants materials (present in high quantities in the traditional products): elastics, plastic closing labels and waterproof external coatings.

Finally Duetto has the following advantages:

  • it helps to prevent irritation, because baby's skin is in contact only with super-breathable natural materials;
  • it is light, because shorts fabrics are made of "hollow fiber", and, therefore, they weigh 30% less of  traditional fabrics;
  • it dries quickly after washing, thanks to the brand new plasma treatment to which shorts fabrics are subjected;
  • it is produced in Italy with Italian materials and labor;
  • it is affordable to everyone, because the required shorts number is limited (10 compared to the 25 of traditional cloth diapers), and, therefore, the initial investment is reduced;
  • it avoids buying additional clothes, because shorts are used as clothing.

   Common questions   

Levita Duetto system

How much effort? It is only a matter of habit and organization. Once you understand how wrap your baby, the diaper change does not require more time than a traditional one. You have just to replace the pad and dispose of that only, instead of the entire diaper. You have to wash shorts with the standard frequency for clothing.

How many shorts? At least 3 or 4 shorts in order to deal easily with washing.

May I use it for very young babies? Yes, because shorts are made of stretch fabrics in 2 sizes (Mini and Maxi).

How do I wash shorts? In a washing machine at 40 degrees (possibly with a mild detergent) as any other baby clothing.

Where do I dispose pad? Because of the variability of the legislation and rules governing the waste disposal, you have to check with your local authority if you can dump it in “wet”  waste. A large-scale testing is under way to end up with a certification valid throughout the country. In the meantime, we recommend that, in case of doubt, you put product in "dry" waste.

Does it pollute less than washable diaper? It is commonly believed that washable diaper is more 'green' than "disposable". Actually if you think of resources you consume and disperse into the environment for washing and drying (washing powder, electric power and above all water) the ” green” balance is not in favor of washable diapers (see the authoritative research, only available in English, by Edana). Levita system instead, allows you to reduce the amount of material you waste (you just change absorbing pad while reusing all the rest and you need to wash diaper with a lower frequency than washable diapers) and therefore it is the more “green” system as possible.

Does it reduce diaper rash? It is not a medicine. However it is made of very soft materials, breathable and above all natural, mainly cotton, on the skin to help to reduce sensitization and redness for more sensitive skins. Nowadays very few products on the market can provide an absorbent pad with cotton filtering layer and core like Levita Duetto. And fully washable diapers, which are made of natural fabrics, have undoubtedly lower performances, especially in terms of absorption and dryness.


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